Getting the Most Out of Google Plus – Posting, Sharing and Caring

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Getting the Most Out of Google Plus – Posting, Sharing and Caring

Once you find yourself a registered user of Google Plus, don’t even think about declaring it a wasteland and leaving before you had a chance to really get to know the community. If you follow guidelines we provide you with, as well as the guidelines from the community itself, you will manage to get the most out of Google Plus and see its true potential. It may happen so that you just do not like it. That is fine by us, but do not miss the chance to give it a try first. None of us has any direct benefit from saying that Google Plus is amazing; we are doing it to show you the way and expand the community in order to meet as many interesting people as possible. The internet has given us immense possibilities, and Google Plus is founded on that idea. So, sit down, read this article, implement the advice and give it a go. What do you have to lose?

Caring – Netiquette

We know you are pretty familiar with how to behave online. You have probably used a dozen of social networks by now and have tried it all, including doing a painstaking work of convincing dumb people why they are wrong. Nevertheless, reminding ourselves of the true values of a tightly-knit community such as Google plus is always welcome.

Now you are probably wondering how a community with such a large number of users can be tightly-knit. It is due to its nature and the way it started off. It was used by enthusiasts who were enchanted by it, and from then on Google Plus never stopped spreading. There are always people ready to help with whatever problem you may have. The communication is much more open, since people are aware everyone can follow them, and they do not get grumpy when someone they don’t know follows them as they do on Facebook, but usually just follow back, and if you post interesting stuff, they engage.

So, what can be done to sustain the nature and ways of Google Plus? First of all, this can be done by caring.

  • Pay attention to the way you interact from the word go. Trust is built through constructive communication with others.
  • When you post the material from other sources using links, make sure to write down your own opinion on the matter, since this gives your followers the idea why you think they should read it.
  • Use hash tags in the post, so that people can find it when browsing for posts on the topics related to the stuff you posted.
  • Tag people mentioned in your post, or if it is one of the articles you have written, tag those whose articles and opinions you used in your article (and of course, you gave them credit for it).
  • Interact with others: +1 their posts if you like them but do not have anything constructive to say.
  • If you comment on a post, make sure it is meaningful and not off the topic. Mention (tag) the author of the post in your comment (+Name).
  • Respect the author and others who commented on the post when giving your opinion.
  • Don’t even think about offending anyone.
  • Always respond to other people’s comments on your posts.
  • Share some of your posts publicly, and make sure you share the content with right people. This is why the circles were invented.
  • Share your circles of interesting people every once in a while.
  • Inform yourself about the netiquette of Google Plus every once in a while and stick to it.

Posting on Google Plus

Nothing is easier than posting interesting things and sharing with your followers, right? It’s not for everyone, I’m afraid. You have to know the hows, the whats and the whens in order to do it in a way which will provide you with a top level interaction.


  • Copy and paste a link or add a photo or a video.
  • You can do the same thing by dragging and dropping what you want to post.
  • Write about why the post should be interesting to your followers, or give your opinion about it.
  • Add hash tags.
  • Tag people who are involved in what you’re posting or whose special attention you want.
  • Choose the circles to share it with, and make it public if you think that’s ok for the post in question.
  • Choose if you want to mail it to the members of the circles you’re sharing it with.
  • Choose in the post options if you want to restrict re-sharing or comments.
  • Post it.


  • If you have your own blog, this is a perfect way to get the word across. Remember to say something more about it that will entice people to read it.
  • Write down some tips or thoughts or anything your followers on Google Plus would like to read and post it. The good thing is you can use Google Plus as a blog, since there’s no character limit.
  • Be a curator. You are probably already one of the first people who find out stuff about their favorite topics. Share your findings with the world! Or you can use resources such as Alltop or Quora to get the latest buzz. You can also use your Google reader to track down new articles from your favorite blogs and those websites which can provide stuff that would be interesting to your followers.


  • Find the right measure. You do not want to bore your followers either by not posting or by posting too much.
  • Try to find out in which time zone are most of your followers and post when they are active.
  • Post when you have the time and inspiration for it. Don’t just post for the sake of posting.

If you want to see how some of the most successful posts in 2011 looked like, consult this list of the most successful posts by Gabriel Vasile.



  • Sharing with others brings interaction and satisfaction.
  • Share your thoughts, questions, breathtaking landscapes, anything. Let people get to know you.
  • If you are re-sharing what somebody shared, make sure to mention the person who originally posted the content.
  • Always re-share with your thoughts attached.
  • Choose what you will re-share carefully.
  • Thank people often for sharing content you found amazing.
  • Never simply copy and paste what others posted. Use the re-share button you were given.

Useful Google Chrome plug-ins

To maximize the experience in Google Plus, there is a whole bunch of useful plugins you can use to make Google Plus more fun to use, although it is already a top notch network.

Here’s what we would recommend for the beginning:

  • – showing information about Google plus pages and profiles – the follower history and the average number of +1′s, re-shares and comments for the latest posts.
  • Uncircle Inactives – Helps you sort out who you follow. There’s no use in following someone who has decided to leave the network for good.
  • Replies and More for Google Plus – enables Reply and Reply to Author links for easy +mentions of other users, badges the favicon with a number when you have new messages, allows you to use Ctrl+Enter and Shift+Enter to submit a comment or a post, enables the usage of “M” key to mute a post, adds a dropdown next to share with additional sharing options (Twitter/Facebook/Email) and makes “originally shared by” linked to the original post.

Places to notice and get noticed

  • Find People on Plus – Here you can browse millions of indexed Google Plus user profiles using location, age, employment, etc. filters, and find out what’s new about Google Plus.
  • Circle Count – Enables you to find the most followed people, as well as to get stats for your own profile.


The possibilities are limitless. Contact whoever you want for whatever you want. Just keep in mind that respect breeds respect. This network has given you countless possibilities. You can even conduct a project on it, for God’s sake! Don’t let all that go to waste. Use Google Plus and have fun!


Ivan Dimitrijevic is a senior consultant at Dejan SEO with a strong background in Social Media and Blogging. His favorite topics include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, WordPress, Photography and Art.

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