Most Creative Aquarium Designs


Most Creative Aquarium Designs

Having an aquarium is considered to be a very good thing. It is used to live up the environment and contribute to the overall quality of living to anyone who possesses an aquarium. They make the place where you are living in be more in contact with nature, which is a very important thing. In addition, it is always relaxing to sit back in a comfortable sofa and just watch the fish gracefully swim through the water.

Today, besides the old, traditional bowl-shaped aquarium, or the fish tank of quadrangular shape, people have used their creative capabilities and managed to design and develop very unique aquarium designs. In the following text I will feature what I think are the most creative aquarium designs. Read on, because, believe me, you will not regret it.

The Telephone Booth Aquarium

This design was done by Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino. They actually found a good use for these telephone booths, because now, in the 21st century, everyone uses cell-phones (because now they are very affordable), and these booths in Lyon, France, have not been used for a long time. This was one of the exhibitions for the Lyon Light Festival, and I think it is an amazing contribution to the overall good look of that city. Imagine walking down the street, and seeing a telephone booth aquarium. The thought of it is great enough.

The Birdcage Aquarium

This design is called a Duplex, quite rationally. When I first saw this, I found it silly (as you probably do, as well). But animals have this sense of security when they are constantly surrounded by other animals. Furthermore, the design itself is, in my opinion, of very high quality and I like it a lot.

Office Desk Aquarium

Some people say that having an aquarium in your office can contribute to your peace of mind, thus improving your working efficiency, and it also serves for making a very good first impression with your clients, which, when impressed, spread the word around that your company is an excellent one, and you will end up increasing your profit. If all of this is true, than this is very good way of combining the two, wouldn’t you think?

Frame Aquarium

You have most definitely seen painted pictures that depict the bottom of the ocean. But if you can make this sort of picture “come to live”, by all means, why wouldn’t you. When I saw this photo, I was jealous because this is not a photo of my home, but someone else’s. People that want to use an aquarium for decoration purposes, rather than fish-keeping, should take a good look at this, because I think that this is one of the best designs that you can opt for.


I find this design to be very futuristic looking. In my view, it is fit both for your home and your office. I would stare at it and follow the fish for hours. Furthermore, the more the fish have space to swim in, the better and longer their life will be. It is important to note that, if you have an aquarium, you should most definitely pay attention for the well being of the fish inside it. Do a little research on the net, and you will find out everything you need.

Table Aquarium

Imagine sitting in your living room, and you’re drinking coffee and watching TV. You have a sip, and, naturally, you want to put back the cup on the table, and then you startle, because there is an aquarium where your table used to be! But this aquarium is actually your table. This is an excellent way to have a miniature ocean in your home or office environment. Everyone knows that the bottom of the sea is very peaceful place, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a miniature version of it in your home, in order to get closer to ultimate peace and quiet.

Computer Aquarium

This is a great way of recycling old technology. Nowadays, no one uses these old computer monitors, and turning one into an aquarium is a something great, in my opinion. Remember that old screensaver, with fish swimming around. This way, you make that screensaver come to life. As you can see, here, fishing is prohibited.

Windshield Aquarium

I must say that this is very silly. I, actually think that it is illegal to drive around with this car. But this “design” is, nevertheless, creative and amusing. If this is a car that is not functioning, on the other hand, this may be a good garden decoration to someone.

Gumball Machine Aquarium

This is a very interesting and very funny design for an aquarium. I think that, wherever it is put, it will live up the environment. Just make sure that no one mistakes this for a real gumball machine that gives out fish, besides the traditional candy. I’m kidding, of course.

Bathroom Equipment Aquariums


And the last, but, most certainly, not least creative aquarium designs are these two. The place where you get most in contact with water is the bathroom, so I can see the logic behind these designs. The sink is done with taste, and I, personally, think that you cannot get more in contact with nature than with the toilet aquarium that is, very creatively titled “Fish and Flush”. Some might find it silly, others might find it to be a work of art, but I can safely say that it is creative.

So, to conclude, I would like to add that this list is, most definitely, not final. There are loads of other aquarium designs that might be very suitable for your taste, or just might be interesting to see, if nothing else. You cannot imagine how much has the aquarium design business advanced in the not so distant past. I, actually, advise you to search the internet more, and find as many aquarium designs as possible. So, get cracking!

Ivan Dimitrijevic is a senior consultant at Dejan SEO with a strong background in Social Media and Blogging. His favorite topics include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, WordPress, Photography and Art.

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