Mother Nature Strikes Again – In Your Home


Mother Nature Strikes Again – In Your Home

People have always had tendencies to relax themselves by escaping to some area of intact nature. Men often go fishing in their free time in order to rest their heads and find peace. However, you wouldn’t need to travel all the way across the county just to hear birds singing, if you can bring nature to your home. If you love animals, but you don’t have time nor patience to brush or feed your dog several times a day, I strongly recommend buying an aquarium.

Fish are the most economical creatures out there, and they, themselves, do not require much attention, and yet, combined with a good aquarium they will make a “Bikini Bottom” out of your home. You can enhance your fish tanks with lighting, by adding bright LED lights inside. Another way of improving the experience is by keeping the water clean which can be achieved by owning devices called „aquarium filters“ that, logically, purify the water and keep the aquarium sanitary. Water in aquariums sometimes need to possess a certain amount of temperature for which aquarium heaters  are used.


But, in order to make your home look more natural, owning fish tanks filled with fish is simply not enough. Have you ever imagined what would your garden look like if a fountain was added. Fountains are, and have always been sign of a well decorated house. Although, throughout history, only rich people were able to afford fountains, nowadays everyone can afford to buy one and thus make his or her garden more sophisticated. You can match your interior with the exterior design, and, when doing so, you’d need to choose an appropriate style of a fountain which can vary from classical Greek to the post-modern simplified fountains. The fountains which look like statues were, for example, always popular whether they present Hercules celebrating his victory over Antaeus, or Cupid looking for a victim.


And as you may know, besides a fountain, every well designed garden should contain a sculpture of a kind. They should also be in tone with the rest of the design. However, when choosing a sculpture, you should keep in mind that your taste is what matters the most and that a good sculpture is the one you like, while fitting it into with the rest of the design is your secondary task. But, beware! There is such a thing as too many sculptures in one garden, and sometimes you can be accused of not having taste if you “overbuy” them.

garden sculptures

Another thing that can be used to enclose nature to your home is flowers. They are an inevitable part of every garden and both their look and scent make your house more appealing to the visitors and to yourself. However, the flowers themselves are not the only things that matter because there is another part which can make your flowers look more beautiful – a planter. Choosing a planter (where your flowers will be put) is as equally important as choosing the flowers which will decorate your garden or house. Once again, there is no rule to which flowers should be put in which planter – it’s all up to you and you only.


Finally, if you really are a nature lover who really enjoys all flora and fauna out there, I would recommend buying some of those exotic animals – a reptile, for example. You’ve probably noticed that many people had bought all those kinds of lizards and some brave individuals had even taken up looking after snakes – why not? However, you don’t want your lizard to escape from a cage, or in this case terrarium. As you may have concluded, a terrarium is a parallel term to an aquarium. The only difference is that, in a terrarium, non-water creatures are being held. With the proper use of imagination, you can make a small jungle, or a rain forest in there. There are also many accessories to be added into a terrarium. I think that a mini waterfall would be a total “bull’s eye”. Besides waterfalls, there are, so called, heat stones which can be added to your terrarium, because where do lizards like to spend their free time?

All in all, do not waste your energy looking for beautiful nature, when, with a little effort, you can incorporate all its tranquility and beauty in your home.

Ivan Dimitrijevic is a senior consultant at Dejan SEO with a strong background in Social Media and Blogging. His favorite topics include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, WordPress, Photography and Art.

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